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Wicked + Divine

Postby iChef » Fri May 22, 2015 10:02 pm UTC

This is the best new comic I've picked up in ages. The art is amazing. The characters are interesting and the story is superb. Who else is reading this. I am going to the local con dressed as Lucifer in a couple weeks, can wait to find more fans.

The story for those unfamiliar goes like this...

Every 90 years a group of Gods are reincarnated on Earth as teenagers. They have gifts that inspire humanity and are able to perform miracles. They are treated like rock stars. They will be loved.......They will be hated.....and in two years they will be dead. And so the cycle continues dormant for 90 years the Gods only have 2 years to live before leaving again.

In this cycle the story is centered on Laura, a fan of the Gods who goes to see them live at every chance. After seeing a show by Amerastu the Sun Goddess, she meets up with Lucifer and strikes up a strange friendship. After an attempt on their lives, Lucifer goes rogue and Laura is left to sort out the secrets of the Gods, the 90 year cycle and the mysterious person who controls it all.

Currently on issue 10 (May 2015) now is the time to get into it while things are still fresh and new this is the first comics I've been dying to get my hands on every month for some time.
Those whom God loves, he must make beautiful, and a beautiful character must, in some way, suffer.
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