Conservatives Unite to Defend Civil Liberties

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Conservatives Unite to Defend Civil Liberties

Postby Lani » Wed Mar 21, 2007 6:23 pm UTC

It looks like conservatives have had enough with the Bush administration. I can't even speak of how happy this makes me.

From here.

Conservatives Unite In Coalition to Defend Civil Liberties, Roll Back Excessive Presidential Power: Leaders in the Conservative Movement to Announce Campaign to Restore Governmental Checks and Balances, Individual Freedoms

WASHINGTON – An alliance of prominent national conservatives will hold a news conference on Tuesday, March 20, to announce the formation of the American Freedom Agenda (AFA), a coalition established to restore checks and balances and civil liberties protections under assault by the Executive Branch. The restoration would bind the current and all future occupants of the White House, irrespective of party affiliation. The group will present a legislative package to restore congressional oversight and habeas corpus, end torture and extraordinary rendition, narrow the President’s authority to designate “enemy combatants,â€
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Postby gmalivuk » Wed Mar 21, 2007 7:14 pm UTC

It's nice to see increasing numbers of *actual* small-government conservatives are realizing that Bush definitely isn't.

Don't remember where it was, but I remember happily reading somewhere a (conservative) comment about how Bush had somehow come up with this strange combination of big-government conservatism.
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Postby Hawknc » Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:18 am UTC

I'm glad to see it. I'm a borderline economic conservative, but I have very strong views on human rights which generally gets me put in the "liberal" camp. There definitely needs to be a bit of a move back towards small government, and not just in the US.

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Postby RealGrouchy » Fri Mar 23, 2007 3:05 am UTC

I dunno.

In my mind, the word "unite" implies that *all* conservatives join together, which is certainly not the case here!

Clearly, those uniting in this instance are a subset of conservatives, and therefore require a qualifier.

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