Rogers Ailes Rise And Fall

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Rogers Ailes Rise And Fall

Postby sardia » Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:30 pm UTC ... oger-ailes
Ailes programs it, to appeal to a mostly white, middle-class male audience, and sex appeal is at the heart of one of the reasons why Fox is such a success at transmitting political messages.what we've learned over the last two weeks is that - the actual process by which Roger Ailes selects the female talent that get - go on screen. I reported last week that he asked a job applicant to stand and show off her legs. He literally makes women stand up during their job interviews with him and do a twirl so he can examine their physique. There's nothing subtle about it. He wants to - he wants to look.

One woman, named Rudi Bakhtiar, a former Fox News reporter who left in 2007, who wanted to wear pantsuits on air, was instructed by her producers to wear miniskirts. They rolled in - she told this to me in a lengthy interview - that they rolled in a clothes rack of miniskirts. And they said, Roger thinks you have great legs. You should wear this.

One of the juicy tidbits is that Roger Ailes personally advised Trump and shepherded him from reality star into the monster he is today. In addition, Trump advised Ailes when Gretchen sued for sexual harassment.
The sexism was literally pay to play. Give a blow job, get a $100 raise. There was no subtleties needed when the culture of male dominance was that strong.

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