Where to find complete "It's Walky!"?

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Where to find complete "It's Walky!"?

Postby Rok » Thu Jul 24, 2014 7:39 pm UTC


David Willis's legendary webcomic archive It's Walky! used to be hosted in its entirety on the webcomic's home page. A few years ago, however, the artist decided to start re-releasing the webcomic and redrawing certain issues. I am all for that, an awesome idea! However I would also really like to read the webcomic, seeing how I have only just recently been made aware of Willis's work. Hence I ask you, the people of the internets:

do you know of anywhere I could read it in its entirety?

I have not been able to find it myself (perhaps just my week web-browsing skills are to blame), but seeing how well-known and well-liked this comic is, it seems very unlikely to me that nobody has ever thought of downloading the archives (while they still were available) to their computer or host them on another website etc. I am also prepaired to dowload it or torrent it or sacrifice infants to please menevolent demons overlords, if that turns out to do the trick.

Anyway, thanks for any help. It will be mosts appreciated!

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