CS master abroad (Europe)

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CS master abroad (Europe)

Postby Flumble » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:21 pm UTC

Hi guys, I'm hoping to get my CS bachelor's degree by the start of 2015 and I was thinking "why not continue abroad?"*
Since I'm quite fond of dutch culture (welfare, tolerance, equality, laziness effectiveness, you name it) but not the weather (rainy and unpleasantly moderate temperatures half the year), I've got my eyes out on similar countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, perhaps Germany.

What are your experiences with universities there and which do you recommend?

[edit] I forgot to mention I haven't chosen a master's course yet, but I'm quite into cryptology and user interaction and not at all into formal methods.

*sure there are reasons not to, like it's easier to just continue studying here and it's easier for me to visit relatives, but there's still a spark of adventurer in me and it's crying out "it's the perfect opportunity to live abroad for a while and find out whether it suits you". :)

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