RNN of xkcd titles

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RNN of xkcd titles

Postby aardvark zythum » Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:53 am UTC

I publish lists of output from textrnn and torch-rnn on my blob page, I recently ran all 2000 or so xkcd comic titles and it came up with these suggestions:

    The Sistory of Unicode
    Magic Doxul
    Models of the Past and Future
    Plasual Field
    Limustan Problem
    Lod Mangram
    Moving's Diagram
    Google Annoying
    Balloon Moo
    Collecting Gook
    Undular Expertings
    Election Fap
    Mission to Thort
    Privacy Nume
    Chick and Dracels
    Static Selod
    Match Pristers
    Catcop Bato
    Blogofreed Rickips
    Spider Cart Spaipession
    Time Voles
    Wool Hawk
    Geologic Paration
    Nubber Mirror
    Spice Nartine
    Carto Commulation
    Orjcentellane Reviews
    Internet Focky
    Fire Swing
    Firds and Wino
    The Sicreal Prowlemment
    Buggle Maps
    Mologard Refictane
    Farnard's Daptor
    Semplinet Corkling
    Neptrap Eland

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