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Postby Pfhorrest » Sat May 05, 2018 4:07 am UTC

I normally don't care about vlogs much, but I recently discovered a vlogger on YouTube who somehow managed to make me feel like I am not all alone in an insane world, and I thought readers of this forum might enjoy her too:


Discussion of progressive topics by a former philosophy professor with ice cold attitude, self-deprecating humor, and unabashedly debauched Rocky Horror-esque kink, portraying multiple elaborately costumed roles in debates with herself, all in dramatically lit and frequently David Lynch-esque psychedelic style.

I'd highly recommend watching her videos in chronological order, because there's an interesting personal story of transformation that unfolds in them, even though that's (mostly) not the point of them. Synopsis: former atheist vlogger from the days before the war between internet "skeptics" and progressives, who went off and became a philosophy professor before then leaving academia, returns to YouTube to find the so-called "rationalist" community has somehow gone to shit, makes some videos about that, and somehow turns that into a career producing videos defending progressive values and exposing the lunacy of the alt-right, meanwhile gradually coming out as not merely a "crossdressing pervert" (her own words) but as genderqueer and then eventually trans.

Mostly tackles issues of gender, sexuality, and race, but has recently begun to touch on economic topics as well.
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