Buying a Tablet, Maybe

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Buying a Tablet, Maybe

Postby Kalatash » Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:38 am UTC

I think that tablets might not be the most liked computers on these boards, given the lack of ability to customize them. But I have an old iPad (kinda sorta taken from my mom) and an iPod Touch (old gift) that doesn't seem to like doing a lot of things anymore, and I am thinking of maybe getting something to replace them. Mainly, I sometimes have large PDFs that I want to read that are supposed to be books, but I hate taking up my screen with them when I am using them as references for something else that is taking up screen real estate, AND the vertical orientation bugs me when I am reading them on a horizontal screen.

However, I know I suck at researching things, especially consumer reviews of hardware. Most things only seem to cover the latest year of devices, and talk in terms that I don't care about. So, I turn to crowd-sourcing, though if you know really good customer review sites that cover a wide variety of devices I would appreciate that as well. That might help when I end up trying to figure out what I want in a laptop in the future.
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Re: Buying a Tablet, Maybe

Postby KnightExemplar » Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:02 am UTC

Well what do you care about in a Tablet?
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Re: Buying a Tablet, Maybe

Postby mosc » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:14 pm UTC

I recommend the following mattering on price:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (i3 128 GB with $$keyboard$$ and pen) ~$700
Runs Microsoft Windows 10 (real windows), basically any windows application, beautiful screen, keyboard is adequate as a laptop replacement and completely removable for tablet functions. Kickstand is awesome and pen makes it usable at native resolution unlike all other high res tablets.

Google Nexus 9" - $400
Top of the line android with all the support, bells and whistles, and lots of accessories. Traditional tablet done to the 9's.

Amazon Kindle Fire - $50
Works perfectly fine, 7" screen, which is a lot to ask at this price range.
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