How does HDMI work?

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How does HDMI work?

Postby addiction » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:11 am UTC

How does HDMI work? Can anyone tell me? Preferably in a fashion that won't require a couple degrees in electrical engineering to understand, as I'm relatively new at this stuff.

The reason I ask is because I'm very much in need of a way to play my 3ds on my TV. Or any separate monitor, really.

My wife and I play games together. By which I mean I play games, and she enjoys me walking her through the adventure. We got pokemon Sun for our anniversary, and we've barely played it. Primarily because playing it means crowding together and tilting our heads over at painful angles. It got to a point where we just stopped playing it. I researched around, and it looks like there isn't a great solution, Nintendo approved or otherwise.

I'm willing to mod my system, either through someone else's service or doing it myself (with instruction) but that doesn't seem to be possible. People don't have guides to DIY it. And the only people that would be able to do it for me would be a European store that can't do my version of 3ds, a japanese company that went out of business, and an american business that apparently will charge you 200 dollars (Ouch... can't really do that), but is no longer available to do this. (supposedly they're working on a cheap way to DIY it yourself, but that was supposed to be released 4 days ago and I've heard nothing so... maybe it wasn't actually them or something I don't know...)

So my thought was "Fine. I'll just take the output HDMI from a dvd player or something and put it in the 3ds." But something tells me it's really NOT that simple. But I have ZERO clue how to start.

Can someone help? Or at least point me in a good direction?

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Re: How does HDMI work?

Postby Sizik » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:33 pm UTC

Have you tried setting up a video camera pointed at the 3DS, which is streaming to the screen? I feel like that would be a simpler and more feasible solution for what you want to achieve.
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Re: How does HDMI work?

Postby Jorpho » Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:21 pm UTC

addiction wrote:The reason I ask is because I'm very much in need of a way to play my 3ds on my TV. Or any separate monitor, really.
If there was an easy way of doing this, then capture cards would not cost as much as they do.

Have you already considered software-based streaming? You'll need a "New" 3DS and the framerate is apparently very poor, but there's not really any alternative aside from emulation. Or pointing a video camera at the screen. (Then again, do you really need a good framerate for Pokemon?)

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