Making a GSM antenna?

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Making a GSM antenna?

Postby somitomi » Wed Jan 24, 2018 12:37 pm UTC

Insert classic backstory: moved to new place, terrible phone reception due to thick walls, dropped calls, yadda-yadda.
Apparently the reception in the yard outside my window is slightly better, so I have this idea of making two identical antennas connected by coaxial cable and placing one of them outside and the other inside the wall. However this is based on a very rudimentary understanding of radio waves and antennas, which isn't enough to decide what type of antenna is best for this job (I'm thinking of a dipole or loop dipole because they are simple to make).
Another idea I have is connecting an antenna directly to the phone itself. If I recall correctly, the gold circlular things marked L1 and L2 on this pic are antenna connections, but I couldn't find out what they are called:

I read that simply pushing the end of a short wire can improve reception, but I'd like my solution to be a little less crude.

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