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Herr Mors
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Robert Jordan

Postby Herr Mors » Sun Aug 19, 2007 4:00 am UTC

I wanted to hear some opinions on Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. I recently received the first and second book in the series, and they seem to be good, but I want to hear some opinions from XKCDers. It got a standing-o from Orson Scott Card, the person todays comic is about, even if I don't know who that is. So let me hear it. Please.

-Herr Mors

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Postby arbivark » Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:17 am UTC

A barrista I like gave me a long rant about how great these are, so i am going to try them.
They aren't g-rated.
The set goes on long after it should; there are maybe 12 of them now.

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Postby Nyarlathotep » Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:25 am UTC

First one was ok. Bit too Tolkein-y but lots of fantasy is. The world he invented was really interesting.

Second one, fell asleep halfway through and gave up.
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Postby German Sausage » Sun Aug 19, 2007 7:10 am UTC

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Postby dumbclown » Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:09 am UTC

I wouldn't recommend them. They tend to wear a bit thin after book 4. Plus it is likely that he will die before finishing the last one.

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Postby placeholder » Sun Aug 19, 2007 1:44 pm UTC

They are sort of alright for books 1-4. Books 5-10 drag on so slowly it's almost unbelievable. They are never really exceptional. I strongly dislike a lot of Jordan's writing techniques - in particular, an excessive tendency to repeat himself. The books around 8-10 are so excruciatingly slow that I've never felt compelled to read book 11 or his prequel book.

I'd recommend reading something else.

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Postby SecondTalon » Sun Aug 19, 2007 4:14 pm UTC

I'd recommend shooting yourself in the foot with a nailgun. Far more exciting and more believable emotions and reactions to traumatic events. Oh, and shoot a woman in the foot too, if you want women to act like women. If you're not into that, then by all means, keep reading.
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Re: Robert Jordan

Postby sunkistbabe1 » Mon Aug 20, 2007 11:04 pm UTC

Herr Mors wrote:I wanted to hear some opinions on Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. I recently received the first and second book in the series, and they seem to be good, but I want to hear some opinions from XKCDers. It got a standing-o from Orson Scott Card, the person todays comic is about, even if I don't know who that is. So let me hear it. Please.

-Herr Mors

Personally I like them. I am on book 7. Book 6 ended with a big bang and I thought it was pretty exciting. I know a lot of people will point out similarities between this series and others (LOTR and Dune) but when you get into the classic struggle of Good Vs Evil in any fantasy series, there are going to be similarities.

Depends on how critical and picky you want to be about a book or series I suppose. I just enjoy the book and try to maintain an open mind about it.

I do hope book 12 will be completed before the author dies.
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Postby AKAnotu » Tue Aug 21, 2007 12:24 am UTC

i love the books, currently on path of daggers, however i tend to read them when i'm tired, so i end up missing a lot of text, so i'll suddenly be like, Oh me yarm, howd he get a sword
wait, when did they get here
stuff like that

btw, i love how mat, rand, and perrin each think that the other two know girls more than them.

oh, and fain killed asmodean. kinda obvious.
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Postby niende » Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:04 pm UTC

First, hi.

Second, no way did fain kill asmo.

Third, I highly recommend this series.
The pace of the action does tend to slow down after the first six but that doesn't detract from their goodness (Goodity?). It just means there's more stuff going down and less running around.
I've read all eleven and patiently anticiapting the twelfth (and supposed, last) installment.

Most good vs. evil fantasy tends to look alike when you get into it. I just find Robert Jordan does it better than most.
It sure as hell beats most of the elf/dwarf/dragon/wizard fantasy out there.

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Postby penguinbloke » Tue Aug 28, 2007 2:30 pm UTC

I've always thought Grendel(sp?) myself...

But either way, The books start off strong but it's generally accepted that after book 7 that the series jumps the shark somewhat, from that point it just feels a little stretched with characters being added to draw out the story rather than to add to it.

Also the actual scale of the books is just too large to comfortably take in the story. While still enjoyable he could have finished the books by book 7 and still have finished the story.

I'll finish the series when the last book comes out but only because of the first 7, hopefully he'll make up for the last 4 somewhat with the finale.

p.s. also the names always annoyed me, it adds to the characters but if I pronounce it wrong I don't want to be corrected...

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Postby sethicus » Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:53 pm UTC

Love them all. Own them all in hardback, too. Fantastic series, methinks.
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Postby Yakk » Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:28 pm UTC

They are decent, if a bit long winded.

He does need an editor. :)

He's currently sick and working on the last book in the series.

I find keeping track of the prophesies, and when they get fulfilled, to be quite amusing. There are literally dozens of them per book.

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Lyra Ngalia
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Postby Lyra Ngalia » Fri Aug 31, 2007 5:59 pm UTC

I got sucked into the first couple, but then they got bad. Now I'm just reading them so I can know how it ends.

I kind of hope he doesn't croak before he finishes, but it's getting more likely.
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Postby Alisto » Fri Aug 31, 2007 6:16 pm UTC

It is one of my favorite series. Then again, I tend to care far less about the quality of writing than about the world itself.

That being said, he is long-winded, but I like that. I've never had a problem with the characters. And the world, cultures, and magic systems are all great. He draws heavily upon different myths and legends, but he does it well so I don't mind.

All in all, I strongly recommend the books. You'll find people who love them and hate them, though, so good luck coming to a decision based on recommendations.
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Postby SpitValve » Fri Aug 31, 2007 8:42 pm UTC

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