Who watched SG1? [resolved]

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Who watched SG1? [resolved]

Postby Mavrisa » Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:40 am UTC

Alright, so there's a file on my friend's computer which I would really like to read, but it is password protected.
He told me that the only way I could would be to solve the answer to his password hint:

There is a character on SG1 who thought that [s]he was going to die, and [s]he has some files (letters?) on his/her computer which [s]he would like to be distributed in the event of his/her death, and so [s]he tells a second character the password so that he can do this if necessary.
The password is only one word.

I hope I got that right, I was only told once.
Can anyone help me out?
Thanks ever so much.

Edit: I get the feeling that this character who is fearing for their life is female... if that helps any.

Edit 2: Sam Carter... her password was "fishing". That was the one :D
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