Into the Badlands

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Into the Badlands

Postby Ginger » Sun May 21, 2017 10:15 am UTC

My thoughts about the show in spoiler tags. It's an hour long show of the action/adventure genre.

It concentrates on a man named Sunny who works for one of the show's rulers. Basically he lives in a walled city ruled by various "Barons" and has a significant other whom is pregnant. His job is to kill people assigned to him by the Baron and so he does... yes, I like this show and one of the redheaded Baronesses in it. She is all about a revolution and freeing the worker, fighter and prostitute classes to live their own lives or at least exist beneath her thumb a while longer (is she scheming solely for her own benefit? Will her revolution come with the price of somebody being boss of her new world at its beginning?). I like her right-hand woman too because she is so loyal however she has been showing signs of her own thinking and that thinking being dangerous recently. Meanwhile Sunny impresses with his knowledge of fighting multiple people at once in typical kung-fu show fashion.

There are supernatural elements too. Not like shooting fireballs from your fingertips but there is a "magical" entity inside of one of the characters. Right now I'm on the fifth or sixth episode of the second season. I think there were only maybe five or six episodes of the first season? Warnings for violence, blood and post-apocalyptic society meaning bunches of people are not living the most "upright and moral" of lives. They still have technology enough for medicine, cars and stuff... however I don't believe they use guns very often for some reason?

Anyway I believe this show may help you waste time. Happy watching.
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