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Into the Breach

Postby Zohar » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:38 pm UTC

Into the Breach, the new game from the creators of FTL, is out. I have about 300 hours clocked in FTL, I wonder how this game will hold up.

I've only played for an hour or so, so my information may be off. It's a tactical strategy game played on maps of just 8x8 blocks. You control three mechs and have to defend the world from aliens. The world is divided into multiple islands you have to play through, each island looks like it has about five missions you can complete (presumably these are randomly generated), then you fight a boss, after you beat the boss level you can purchase stuff from the island's store. I don't know what the endgame looks like.

The cool thing is while a lot of things are random - where enemies will show up next turn, what the map layout looks like - in general, the game is deterministic. Meaning, your attacks will always hit if a target is there, the aliens' attacks will always hit if they're there, you can see in advance what the aliens are about to do next turn (the exception is an evade % buildings have when attacked by aliens). So there's a lot of tactical thinking that goes into making the best move.

Each map takes probably less than ten minutes to complete - so far five turns have been the average. And your goals, in general, aren't to kill the aliens, but to make sure no harm comes to the civilian population. It's a unique twist on the normal way of thinking about games - collateral damage isn't fun and explode-y, it actually lowers your score and doesn't let you achieve as much.
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