XP Audio Driver Not Functioning

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XP Audio Driver Not Functioning

Postby Polah » Fri Oct 29, 2010 3:33 am UTC

So, I recently reinstalled XP and everything is working perfectly fine, except for my audio drivers.

As for information to the driver name, all I've got is "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver", V2.49. I also found something saying "R276" at some point but can't find it any more.

Audio was working fine on my previous install of XP and the only difference between that build and my current one is that the previous one was SP2 initially, this one is SP3. However, I had updated the previous build to SP3 from SP2 with absolutely no problems. and I'm using a more recent version of 7Zip and Mumble which I'm fairly sure will have no effect whatsoever.

I've installed and reinstalled chipset drivers from the disc that came with the motherboard several times and have done the same with the Realtek audio drivers on the same disk. Furthermore, I have downloaded the same drivers (by searching "M2N68-AM Plus audio drivers" on google, that being my motherboard) from the internet and tried to install them. The installation runs perfectly fine and reports no errors, but it clearly isn't working. Nothing is added to my system startup list and I can't manually run any programs related to the drivers like the control panel.

Now, looking through the drivers on the CD, I've found drivers for Vista and Vista 64 bit, but the same drivers from the same disk worked last time and I'm not doing anything differently. Secondly, looking in the actual Realtek folder in Program Files, there's a number of executables with their names ending with "64" that when run give me an error saying it's not a valid Win32 application, so I'll assume they're 64-bit executable that won't run on my 32-bit system. I can't run any executables in the folder barring a single microphone calibration program.

Running dxdiag, it reports that I have no sound card, which is normal considering there are no working drivers for it.

I have an XP SP2 disk if it's absolutely necessary for me to downgrade and rebuild again with SP2 before upgrading to SP3 again.

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