Chromebook Gallery Issues

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Chromebook Gallery Issues

Postby free-bee » Thu Nov 29, 2018 6:03 am UTC

I am trying to use my sister's Chromebook to shuttle some images around on a flash drive. There are five folders that contain my entire iCloud photo library (3800+) and I am trying to organize them into different, more meaningful folders, but Chromebook is being a bitch to me. I googled it, as per usual, and got only one result that says anything about the gallery, but its about theirs being slow to show an image and their images being out of order.

My problem is that I cannot move the images for these reasons:
1. The image directly under my finger gets selected when I'm trying to scroll (touch screen)
2. Same as #1 but with a 5 second delay (actual delay unknown)
3. A random image is selected that I never even touched or even was in the same vicinity of where my finger was (ie, I'm on the left of the screen and the image that gets selected is on the right side)
4. A combination of #3 and #2
5. One of the images I have selected gets deselected, even if that image is not on the screen at all

I have two other computers I can use...well, three if you include the raspberry pi that doesn't have a uSD card (it's in my tablet serving as extra storage). One computer is in the living room but I'd rather not use it due to the nature of the images (*cough cough* porn *cough cough*). The other computer is in my room but my mouse only has ~4" of travel space between the monitor and computer itself.

I made an attempts to do what I need to do on a Windows machine (the one in the living room) and have managed to fail twice. Progress has been made, however. I made it to the last 60 or so images and misplaced the mouse pointer and deselected everything. The second attempt went pretty much the same way, but I hadn't made it as far through them as the first time. Up to this point, I was using the method of using CTRL and Shift + CTRL. I did some googling and discovered the option to select by checkbox in the Folder Options menu. It will work well enough for me, but I can't use Shift to select multiple at a time like that, and that's annoying. I was interrupted that time because my mom came home for a few minutes and left. Then came back. Then left again.

[EDIT 2]
I forgot I made this topic. Lemme just update it here. I tried a fourth attempt on the Windows machine. I failed because the power flashed long enough that literally the only thing affected by it was the computer. I almost gave up, but persisted. I finally got one set of images moved (woo), but I still have several more. I may just redo all of it again, though, because I deleted about 2000 images from icloud (they're still in the folder I'm organizing). I have new questions, but I'll make a new topic because it just kinda deserves it's own spot.
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