[ASK] Math Type Expressions Got Messed Up

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[ASK] Math Type Expressions Got Messed Up

Postby Monox D. I-Fly » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:59 am UTC

I have Math Type 6.9 in my computer and everyone of my coworkers has it but there's a problem with mine. Sometimes when I've been working for hours, the math expression I copied from Math Type couldn't get pasted to Microsoft Word (I tried the Save option via Math Type plugin too, and when the problem occured the expression simply didn't appear). After that, usually I closed the file and reopen it, but often there was an error message saying there's an unexplained error. The computer then needs to be restarted, but when I open the file and clicked the expression, the Math Type showed another expression I wrote somewhere, sometimes even from another file! For example, I wrote a limit expression. After the problem occured and I restarted my computer, when I clicked the limit expression, the Math Type showed a fraction I wrote in another place instead. All Math Type expressions in the file seemed to be switched randomly. The IT technician has tried to reinstall both Microsoft Word and Math Type in my computer, but the same problem still occurs. Can somebody here tell me what's wrong and how to fix it?
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