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Mirror drivers for win10? Or alternative to RDP?

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:58 pm UTC
by Flumble
I have a headless machine in the room that I access with RDP (because of all the remote clients I've tried, RDP is the most responsive and feature-complete (i.e. audio, shared drives and clipboard and grabbing key combinations) on a gigabit LAN between windows machines). It has one major downside though: it creates a weird virtual display that doesn't allow, for example, OpenGL support. My current workaround is to start a TightVNC session, fire up Blender and then take over the session with remote desktop.

So my question is: is there some magical mirror driver (at least that's what they call it for VNC) thingy I can use to run e.g. Blender without making a prior remote connection?

Alternate question: is there another remote desktop program that offers both the advantages of Microsoft's RDP and full GPU support? Solutions that require a third party, e.g. teamviewer, get a huge penalty (because of that), but if they perform better than RDP, I might consider it. Solutions that require Linux get a hugerer penalty.