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Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:34 pm UTC
by Sableagle
This'll be a bit disjointed because it was 10 hours ago, but ...

My small car that I no longer have, trying to drive out of some place somewhere like Morocco via the construction work. Nearly made it, took a lot of detours, bumped over some sand piles, tried an angled ramp onto the road, rolled, flopped back onto the wheels, eventually found a way out.

Car with only me in transformed into a minibus full of tourists along the way. We pulled out past some pulled-over cars, several police vehicles and armed police and two groups of people kneeling in the road, one lot marked with red Xs and one in oversized white long-sleeved t-shirts looking relieved. The tour guide explained that the ones with the red Xs had been caught using drones to target tanks for airstrikes, and would be executed, while the ones in white hadn't been and wouldn't be.

We got into a town and I don't remember the detail now but there was something about a sweetshop ... called Sugarbomb, in English. We were in it and left and I saw the sign behind a lamp-post and thought it was curious that is was in English. Big golden "S," red "ugarbomb."

Bus eventually reached first of our hotels. People got up to get off. I got up to let someone else get off. Someone told me to go first and I said I was staying on because I had a way back. That turned out to mean back to the present day, as we'd gone back in time to 1920 and were leaving people there, and everyone started looking older as they were getting off because if I ever saw them again they'd be 70 years older, meaning I probably would never see them again.


Actually, never seeing them again is normal at the end of a tour, but seeing the whole rest of a good-looking woman's life (in which you won't appear) crinkle her face in the seconds she's getting off the coach for the last time is quite a sad feeling.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:47 am UTC
by Ginger
I had a dream... that my surgeon was some guy from a horror movie, and he did my operation without... proper procedures. And then chased me all around town--Everywhere I went there he was. He did reality bending like coming through my turned off television set. He was driving a taxi and we don't even have taxis here? And when I got in he force me to go get the operation RIGHT NOW, and botched it, again. While being very sexually inappropriately and not following ANY PROPER PROCEDURES re: usage of anesthetic, clean surgical tools, comfort of the patient... it was a like a terrible horror movie inside my head why sleepy time holodeck experiences why? </3 *Cries helplessly.*


Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:20 pm UTC
by New User
I decided to play Baldur's Gate, a video game that I'd often heard was good but which I had never played (also true in real life). During character creation, by luck you'd sometimes get an item called "bagt of skill". This was a typo, and it was supposed to be spelled "bags of skill". It was a great benefit to get these bags, because inside, there could be more bagt of skill. I later looked in a Dungeons & Dragons rulebook, and I found the same spelling: bagt of skill. I then wanted to find out where it originated, so I looked at a Dungeons & Dragons forum, and found that the spelling was an inside joke among the Dungeons & Dragons community, and it was ubiquitous to the point that it had practically become the official spelling, since it was even in the core rulebook. I still never knew if it originated in Baldur's Gate or if it was spelled that way even before the video game.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:22 pm UTC
by emceng
Most boring dream I've had in a while: I was wearing new jeans that I had purchased, because my old ones were getting worn out. It did feel nice in the dream though - I've been too busy lately to go shop for jeans, to replace my old ones.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:05 pm UTC
by Coyne
I drove into a parking lot surrounded by buildings. No one seemed to be in any of them, and the lot was deserted except for me. The doors had various names in gold letters, one of which was "Moahk Automotive." But my heads-up display showed labels for NSA, CIA, DHS, and etc.


Real world source, maybe: R'Moahl was the name of an alien race in a series of paperbacks, by Jo Clayton.

Re: Sleep-time holodeck experiences

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:03 am UTC
by Ginger
I dreamed I was a science fiction space agent lady in the futures. I had a dashing male partner... and he flirts with me all wildly and totally inappropriate re: our jobs doing... a nonsensical missions I don't even pay attentions to? Anyways, we fought aliens that wanna kills us dead, we come out unscathed. We had political intrigues including: Being in some alien princess's parties and trying to learn their social customs. Then: I kiss my male partner at the ends. He kinda... pulls me into it but I don't fight back? And just kisses him like he wanna out of me the entire mission.