Maple 14 problem

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Maple 14 problem

Postby elite4koga » Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:17 am UTC

For a homework assignment we were asked to create various functions in maple (I am using maple 14). One question asked me to Find the numerical value of the limit as x goes to infinity of the function. It keeps giving me an error when I try to evaluate.
I don't have much experience using this program I dont know how I am formatting the question wrong.
here is the function (it is the derivative of a composite of two functions)

dh := proc (x) options operator, arrow; -(1/2)*(1+tan(sqrt(abs(f(x))))^2)*abs(1, f(x))*(-12*sin(exp(-3*x))^3*cos(ln(x+1))^2*cos(exp(-3*x))*exp(-3*x)-2*sin(exp(-3*x))^4*cos(ln(x+1))*sin(ln(x+1))/(x+1))/(tan(sqrt(abs(f(x))))^2*sqrt(abs(f(x)))) end proc

copied the code, I can provide screenshots if that will help you help me

here is what I typed in

Limit(dh(infinity+h)-(dh(infinity))/(h)),h=0; m:=value(`%`);

Karma awarded to all who try to help.

edit: moved bracket, no longer getting an error but it wont give me a numerical answer when I evaluate

Limit(dh(infinity+h)-dh(infinity)/h, h = 0); m := value(%)

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