The "What Would X Do?" Game

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The "What Would X Do?" Game

Postby Euphonium » Sun Sep 23, 2018 6:14 am UTC

Someone makes a post in the form of WWJD, with J replaced by some notable person's initials.

The first person to guess correctly then does their own WWJD-type post.

If no one correctly guesses your WWxD after 48 hours, you can reveal the correct answer and post a new one. If the winner does not post their own WWxD within 48 hours of being confirmed as the winner, then if someone else made the same correct guess you can declare them the winner instead (and if they don't respond then rinse, lather, repeat), or if not (or if you've run out of correct guessers) you reveal the correct answer and start a new one. If you have to go to a second or subsequent winner, it is probably best to do so by editing your original "You've won!" post so as not to confuse the original winner if they later come upon it.

Each person can only guess once. However, you do not have to submit a unique guess--you can strategize by deciding whether your chances of winning (and thus getting to be the next WWxD-er) are best by being unique, or by hoping that another's guess is correct but that they don't acknowledge their victory in time.

In general, you need to do at least two initials (so if you're going with Brian Boitano, you'd ask WWBBD?). However, if the person is commonly known by three or more names and/or initials, you have to use all of them (e.g. Jonathan Taylor Thomas is WWJTTD?, while George R. R. Martin is WWGRRDD?). For people who are indeed commonly known by only a single name, however, you can use just that initial (e.g. Pele can be WWPD?). You must use the name by which the person is commonly known, not their birth or legal name if it differs (so for Ice Cube, whose legal name is O'Shea Jackson, Sr., you have to ask WWICD? rather than WWOJSD?). Furthermore, if titles or suffixes are part of what someone is commonly known by, they must be included as well (so Dr. Phil would be WWDPD? rather than WWPD? or WWPMD?, Ken Griffey, Jr. would be WWKGJD? rather than WWKGD?, etc.). Finally, if a name has a hyphen, treat each element of the hyphenated name as a separate initial, so Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is WWKAJD? rather than WWKAD?.

I'll start: WWPTD?

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