Rules - Update: Nov 08, 2007

A place to discuss the implementation and style of computer programs.

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Rules - Update: Nov 08, 2007

Postby Hammer » Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:21 pm UTC

As the gates say, this is a place to discuss the implementation and style of computer programs.

Do your best to remain on topic please!

Otherwise, standard fora etiquette applies.

Nov 08, 2007
Edit By Gordon:

We've recently discussed a general rule regarding asking for homework help in this, coding, math, science and well, any other forum.

Asking for homework help is ok, as long as you state that is what you're after and have shown a reasonable attempt at the problem yourself.

If you post things like "I don't understand $question" or "I have $problem" and you have not offered ideas or problem solving of your own (or at least effort towards this) not only will people be less likely to know what direction to offer help in, but you will become blacklisted in the minds of those who moderate such places. Remember your mod team is a fickle bunch and we tend to stick together on things. If you become known for just trying to get forumites to do your homework for you and a mod/whatever moves or deletes your thread you won't have many people care. We are not paid tutors. We are, in most cases, friends and friends like to help each other, but don't abuse it.

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