I'm creating a Populous 3 style game engine

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I'm creating a Populous 3 style game engine

Postby elasto » Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:43 pm UTC

(Not sure whether this is better suited to Coding or Gaming, but as I'm mainly looking for people to help out, I think here makes better sense for now.)

I'm working on a spherical deformable world à la Populous 3; The engine is pretty much done, so now I'm looking to turn it from a tech demo into an actual game. As such I'm mainly looking for people to help with game design, art and sound. And if one or more can code well enough in Unity to help out with the UI then that would be a bonus!

The engine itself is efficient with terrain deformation, pathfinding and so on running in background threads. Multiplayer is also in and can run as host-client (ie. P2P) or authoritative server-client. Networking is inspired by Planetary Annihilation's model of sending input and waypoints - so much less network traffic than syncing position etc. every tick but without the downsides of a lockstep model.

While the inspiration here was obviously my love of Populous I'd be quite open to working on something with a smaller scope to begin with, such as a TD. Or we could work towards a full-blown MOBA/RTS with tech trees etc. I have plenty of ideas to discuss.

Here's an example tutorial level with a placeholder toony art style
Here's the world with placeholder texturing
And here's a multiplayer demo

Also, if anyone could suggest good places I could post looking for collaborators that would be useful. Currently I have threads in the Unity forums and Reddit's INAT.


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